Skin Care Review

Ocean Derived Skin Care

Every day, new products surprise us in the area of skincare by featuring increasingly impressive and surprising products: products made out of tea, milk protein, argan oil… even placenta! Sometimes we don’t even know exactly what benefits this strange, surprising products offer: in some occasions, we even KNOW this products don’t really offer any interesting benefit (as in, we could obtain the same benefits from cheaper products) and we purchase them because they are fashionable, original, or for the novelty.

But it’s not always like this and there’s some components to our skin care that DO offer us the best bang for our buck: some products that are really reasonable price offer us an unbelievable amount of benefits. One of this products are sea minerals, but also other products coming from the sea. For starters, sea minerals are not too difficult to find or refine, which makes it extremely cheap to create and use in our skin care products; but not only that: mixed into the oils that our creams usually contain, they are easily absorbed by the skin with barely any waste. So they are not only cheap, but also effective and efficient. Sea minerals can have many different components, but they often contain components like zinc, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium or omega 3 which we might be lacking in our diet.

Not only that, but other sea products, like the skin of fish and cartilage of fish and different types of algae also contain an important amount of healthy minerals, oils and aminoacids, but also have a good amount of collagen: while they are usually made to make gelatin, you can also get the benefits of its collagen without having to ingest it. Collagen is extremely healthy for the skin, keeps it soft, elastic and supple, hydrates it and helps keep the wrinkles at bay and keep the skin with a youthful appearance and demeanor, in addition to help give it a healthy glow.

Then, other products like fine sea salts or powdered pearls have different benefits: they help exfoliate the skin gently (unlike more rough products like sugar or artificial micropearls which can cause abrasions and microlacerations in the skin), help absorb other products better, and help keep a clear, even skin tone, make the complexion brighter and more shiny, and help the skin look more healthy and rosy too. However, still exercise caution when using both salt and powdered pearl: like any “physical exfoliate” (as opposed to a chemical one) it can cause damage to your skin if overused, so allow your skin some time to rest between uses.

To summarize, probably one of the best, most cost effective ways you have to improve your skin care routine would be to include ingredients like sea minerals or sea products like algae, salt or powdered pearls. Skin care products containing such things should be easy to find and cheap to purchase, so anyone can add them to their skin care routine. Try out and see what works best for you.