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Powerful Kitchen Blenders

People use blenders for different reasons. There are all different types of blenders, from small, basic yet durable versions to heavy duty, almost commercial grade versions, still for home use. Of course, there are commercial blenders, but we’re talking blenders for the home. So what are the best blenders out there according to reviews from customers and reports from the experts?It’s interesting looking at the review sites because of how the lists of the top blenders varies. There are going to be certain names on those lists that you see over and over again, but then some of them won’t be on every list of course. As you can imagine, you can break down the lists into certain categories as well.

The One and Only Breville Boss!

For example, it was mentioned that people buy all different types of blenders for different reasons. So, you could have a category for the best cheap blender.Indeed there is such a category according to one review site, and so this recommendation is more specific to a need. If you’re looking for a basic blender without all the bells and whistles but that is still going to get the job done, then this might be your category. Or, you could look at blenders that are considered to be the best value.

I like the idea of having a heavy duty blender, but you can only fit so much in my kitchen. I’d probably look at the best blenders at a discount, ones that provide a good value. I noticed by looking at one of the lists for top blenders that the blender for my category is the Ninja Professional. But like I said, people use blenders for different reasons, so what would you say is the best one out there?

The primary category within which I review blenders is “Best Blender For The Money”. I maintain that the #1 overall best blender for the money is the Refurbished Blendtec Classic Blender. It may seem priced a bit high at $320, but when you factor in a full 7 year Repair/Replace Warranty, this price doesn’t seem that high. For $320, this means you will have a blender for a full 7 years.

I maintain that the #2 overall best blender is the Breville Boss. It costs $400 (but can be found for less and it also has a full 7 year Repair/Replace Warranty.

There are SO MANY GOOD BLENDERS in ALL PRICE RANGES that it’s often very hard to say one is better than the other, even when making comparisons WITHIN a price range. For Example, The Vitamix 5200 actually “outblends” the Blendec Total Blender using a standardized set of ingredients. The Vitamix left 0.1% of the ingredients unblended while the Blendtec left 0.4% of the ingredients unblended. Still, when evaluated on a “cost over time” basis, the Blendtec at $280 with a SEVEN year warranty works out to $40 a year, while the Vitamix at $300 with a FIVE year Warranty works out to $60 a year. So, the best blender, on a “cost over time” basis ends up being the Blendtec. This is a tremendous case of “splitting hairs” and I would gladly have EITHER blender.

Other blenders in the higher price range that are just as desirable are:

The KitcheAid Torrent

It has a magnetic drive system such that the ingredients you are blending remain completely isolated INSIDE the Pitcher with the Blades. This is a remarkable feature and I am not aware of ANY other blender that has it. The KitchenAid Torrent, at $400 also has a Full SEVEN year Repair/Replace Warranty.

The Oster Versa

It has a 1400 Watt motor and blends at speeds up to 28,000 RPM. It has an all metal drive to go the distance. It has a SEVEN Year Warranty. I have seen it most often for about $450 (which includes shipping)….but it CAN be found for $250 with a little digging. A $250 blender with a 7 Year Warranty is a great find!

The Omega BL420S

It has 3 peak horsepower (about 2200 watts) and a 64 ounce container. The controls are simple to use, i.e. “High, Low, On, Off”. It has overload protection to keep from burning up the motor. I’m surprised the more blender don’t incorporate “overload protection” which is a great idea! This powerful commercial grade blender sells for just $250!